Le Villard  73340 Bellecombe-en-Bauges (Savoie) - Tel : 04 79 63 36 33 -
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Bellecombe-en-Bauges, the village
Bauges panoramas

Les Bauges, a preserved territory:
Surrounded by the cities of Annecy, Aix-les-Bains, Chambéry and Albertville, The Bauges Massif is a patch of preserved nature. Its landscape is made of villages, meadow, water areas, forests, mountain pastures and peaks. In 1995, Les Bauges became Regional Nature Park:

- a natural and cultural heritage to preserve

- a rich land with a remarkable flora

- a wide-ranging of fauna in the game and wild fauna reserve (chamois, mouflons, marmots,...). By foot, on horseback, with a donkey, by bike, this territory is an amazing area of discoveries, with on top of that, fabulous and spectacular landscape panoramas.

Bellecombe-en-Bauges, a village in the heart of the Regional Nature Park. Located on an open and sunny mountainside, it groups the county town and charming hamlets together. The landscape is soft and hilly. Discover a characteristic heritage : the Devil bridge, sawmill, old bread ovens, farms with characteristic architectures... Besides, it is the starting point of nice walks and hikes that lead you to the mountain pasture or to different summits: Alpages du Sollier, The 2 Savoy tour, Crêt du Char, Col de Bornette, Roc des Boeufs, Trélod, ...


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